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Wheels 19 Alloy 01 Novus Bp For Ford Cmax Smax Galaxy Kuga

Wheels 19 Alloy 01 Novus Bp For Ford Cmax Smax Galaxy Kuga
Wheels 19 Alloy 01 Novus Bp For Ford Cmax Smax Galaxy Kuga

Wheels 19 Alloy 01 Novus Bp For Ford Cmax Smax Galaxy Kuga   Wheels 19 Alloy 01 Novus Bp For Ford Cmax Smax Galaxy Kuga
19 Novus alloy wheels 01 bp ford cmax smax kuga galaxy. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. You buy a new whole set of alloy wheels novus novus 0.1 0.1 19.

The wheel is a modern design are concave radii created using technology flow form the most current, the wheels are. Matte black finish with a polished diamond-cut face.

A really beautiful wheel that will transform your car. The flow forming is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies to date to enter the wheel industry. The flow forming technology involves applying pressure to the inner cylinder of the wheel, while rotating, this process stretches and compresses the aluminum, thereby increasing the tensile strength. In this regard, the process shares similar properties to those found in the forging process. The final product is lighter, more resistant, has an increased elongation and resistance much greater impact and increased load capacity over regular cast wheels.

The flow FORMED wheels weigh much less than those of a wheel of the same specification produced by your conventional molded construction reduces unsprung vehicle weight, which in turn provides better response and power of the accelerator, but you also helps to save fuel and increase fuel consumption. Wheels more resistant fluids than your conventional cast wheel, a 30% increase can be seen only in the tensile strength, it is a great advantage for everyday road use.

Greater impact resistance is another added benefit of a wheel FORMED flow, increased resistance naturally gives a high stress capacity on the roads today can be positive. The extension is one of the biggest advantages of flow FORMED wheels, all wheels have a certain level of flex before reaching the breaking point, the flow FORMED wheels have a much higher level flex your alloy wheels conventional, meaning they are at much lower risk of hitting the break. When you are having a significant impact, both nest-holes, curbs, speed bumps or road hazards General, your FORMED flow wheels have a much greater chance to escape without damage these everyday hazards. Because resistance to the overall traction is increased with a flow wheel FORMED, this naturally gives a higher load capacity, which is good for the SUV, vans and other commercial vehicles. If your car is listed in the compatibility table of this auction, buy wheel knowing they adapt perfectly to your car without any modification or additional room, if your car is not on the list, we can always have them available in another installation, please contact us if you want to check the editing information, buy with confidence.

What you get in this package. 4 x 8.5x19 5x108 wheels Novus 0.1 alloy. 16 x nuts alloy wheel.

4 x nuts + antitheft security key wheel. 1 x fully insured signed for delivery. Tires purchased with one of our alloy wheels ads will be fully mounted and balanced free. Add valves monitoring tire pressure. We have staff trained and experienced staff waiting to help you with any questions, requests or technical advice you may need.

Black with a diamond cut polished face. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Rims diameter: 19 <\/ li>
  2. type of metal: aluminum <\/ li>
  3. rim diameter: aluminum <\/ li>
  4. Custom beam: No <\/ li>
  5. Compatible brand: ford <\/ li>
  6. rim width: 8.5J <\/ li>
  7. surface finish: polished with black side brunoises <\/ li>
  8. number of nuts 5 <\/ li>
  9. Brand: novus <\/ li>
  10. diameter of nuts 108 <\/ li>
  11. manufacturer part number: novus 01 <\/ li>
  12. offset: 42 <\/ li>
  13. Non-Domestic Product: No <\/ li>
  14. Unit amount: 4 <\/ li>
  15. rim structure: room <\/ li>
  16. modified object: No <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Wheels 19 Alloy 01 Novus Bp For Ford Cmax Smax Galaxy Kuga   Wheels 19 Alloy 01 Novus Bp For Ford Cmax Smax Galaxy Kuga