Focus Galaxy Kuga

Turbo Ford Galaxy Focus C-max S-max Kuga 2.0tdci 136 Ch 100kw

Turbo Ford Galaxy Focus C-max S-max Kuga 2.0tdci 136 Ch 100kw

Turbo Ford Galaxy Focus C-max S-max Kuga 2.0tdci 136 Ch 100kw    Turbo Ford Galaxy Focus C-max S-max Kuga 2.0tdci 136 Ch 100kw
Turbo ford focus galaxy c-max s-max 2.0tdci kuga 136 ch 100kw. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome to the company Your competent partner for the turbocharger sector.

Here you will find one. Turbo turbocharger ford volvo 2.0 tdci. Ford c-max 2.0 tdci ford focus ii 2.0 tdci ford galaxy ii 2.0 tdci ford kuga 2.0 tdci ford mondeo iii 2.0 tdci.

Ford s-max 2.0 tdci. Volvo c30 2.0 d volvo c70 ii 2.0 d volvo s40 ii 2.0 d volvo v40 2.0 d volvo v50 2.0 d. Oe - 3m5q6k682ba 1231955 36002265 1327582 1331247 1406472 1432212 3m5q6k682bb 3m5q6k682ca 3m5q6k682cb 3m5q6k682cc 9654262180 9654931780 9659667380 9662464980 1,483,819 96,542,621 1,590,093 1,706,184 3m5q6k682cd re3m5q6k682cd rm3m5q6k682cd 3m5q-6k682-ba-bb-3m5q 6k682 3m5q-6k682-ca-3m5q 6k682-cb 3m5q- 6k682-cc-3m5q 6k682-cd. You have the purchased item purchased, the \Here you can specify a different delivery address, choose a payment method and see the total amount.

The amount of the bill. Offered for germany / cod cash on deliver is. If you want to pay late, please add the deposit amount. After receiving your old piece from us, you usually get it. Working days a credit note on the deposit amount.

The sale takes place in exchange for an old piece - 70 installments! For the retail price, we charge a deposit of. These will be returned to you as soon as your old room has arrived. Send us your old turbocharger in advance, delete. If the old part deposit. The old turbocharger must disengage. The defective turbocharger must be complete and unopened and match the original part purchased (no replica). No external elbow, electronics, etc. It must not show irreparable damage, cracks, holes, etc. The old part must be returned to us within 4 weeks! Only in exchange for their old turbocharger! Our selling price is an old part of assembly. These charges will be refunded once your old turbocharger has been received. Send us your old turbocharger in advance to take into account the main charger.

Your old turbocharger must be unopened and complete! Your old room can not have irreparable damage cracks, holes, etc. It must be like the original purchased part (no imitation of China)! The old part must be returned within 4 weeks! Sale, we charge a base fee of 70.

The basic charge will be refunded as soon as we receive your old piece. Z send us your old part and in advance, then deleted. The turbo that you will send to us must be complete, never opened. All components of electronic components, etc. Have been preserved, that it has not been irreversible no cracks, no trousers, etc.

We accept your old turbo only if it is identical to the original one. We remind you and we invite you to return your old turbo within 4 weeks maximum!

Contact us if you have any questions or feel free to contact us. Our contact details are below. In the legal information of the seller. If a warranty is part of the offer, the following instructions and provisions apply to it. Expert turbo ryszart rekusz contact details appear below in the legal information of. The guarantee is an additional and voluntary service of the seller with a legally binding commitment. The duration of the guarantee is 12 months. It starts with the delivery of the product to the buyer. Meanwhile, the functionality of the delivered goods and their individual parts is guaranteed. Legal warranty rights are not limited by this warranty. This warranty simply grants the customer additional rights.

The warranty case must be on. Be displayed first (by letter, phone or email). In the event of a fault, the turbocharger must be returned to turboexpert ryszard rekusz for inspection. But it must be intact and must not be dismantled. In order to review the warranty claim, the customer must send the following documents with the purchased product.

A description of the defect as much as possible. If the product has been installed in a vehicle, proof of its installation and dismantling has been carried out correctly and professionally. For this, the invoice (copy) of the authorized workshop is sufficient. The warranty (repair or new delivery) within 14 working days from the acceptance of the guarantee. It's at the discretion of.

If the warranty is satisfied by the repair or replacement of the defective product or part. Other demands, especially for any form of compensation, do not grant this guarantee. Not covered by this warranty, transportation and travel costs as well as the costs incurred by the customer for the installation and removal of the product, they are based on general legal warranty rights. Damage caused by improper use of the product as well as its installation and removal by an insufficiently qualified specialist company.

Damages caused by force majeure. Damage caused by the use of the product outside the specified specifications.

Any damage to sealed products if the seal has been damaged or removed. Damage due to improper use or poor technical condition of the engine. Damage to the tree if it is caused by improper lubrication or other reasons related to improper or improper installation or operation. Damage caused by mechanical effects not caused by proper operation of the turbocharger housing. Damage to the compressor wheel if foreign bodies enter the intake system.

If silicone or other sealant was used when assembling the turbocharger. General Information / Installation Instructions. The manufacturer's specifications for replacing the turbocharger must be respected. The turbocharger should only be installed by qualified and trained personnel.

Caution, improper installation of the turbocharger or improper modifications may damage the turbocharger and / or the engine. Observe the following installation instructions and notes. Before installing the new turbocharger, check if the entire engine environment is damaged or modified.

Determine the cause of the defective turbocharger failure and eliminate it. The engine breather must always be checked. Inspect all oil lines and engine oil sump for dirt and debris. A filter and a change of oil before. The exhaust manifold of the engine must also be checked.

Check, in particular, an elbow and compensators for damage. It is imperative to ensure that no foreign matter in the entire line area can come loose as this could cause damage during commissioning. Check all airflow between the turbocharger and the engine, especially the aftercooler, for any remaining oil, which must be removed.

If necessary, replace the intercooler. Otherwise, the motor could be damaged due to excessive saturation.

It is mandatory to change the oil supply line and adjacent materials banjo bolts, oil strainer, etc. The return line must be checked and cleaned. If in doubt, it must also be replaced.

Do not use liquid sealant when installing the oil line! Before installing the turbocharger, fill the oil inlet with new engine oil by rotating the rotor shaft several times.

This ensures perfect lubrication in the. When installing, make sure that only the new flange gaskets are used. All flanges and threads must be free from damage and wear. Only screws that comply with the manufacturer's specifications specified in your specification can be used.

Tightening torques must always be observed according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. Once the turbocharger is installed, start the engine and let it idle for about 60 seconds. Before charging the engine, the required oil pressure must have been accumulated. This is not possible, it could damage the engine and / or the turbocharger. After commissioning the system, it is now time to check the tightness of all the air, gas and oil lines.

If all the above points are fulfilled and there are still problems such as lack of power, loss of turbocharger, etc. After installing the turbocharger, this does not necessarily mean that the turbocharger is damaged. If you complain about a turbocharger, we do not recommend installing another one before the test result is available to our technicians. Please note the information, otherwise no warranty claim can be invoked.

The item urbos, superchargers \ turbos \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following country: european union.

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    Turbo Ford Galaxy Focus C-max S-max Kuga 2.0tdci 136 Ch 100kw    Turbo Ford Galaxy Focus C-max S-max Kuga 2.0tdci 136 Ch 100kw